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Vinyl floors and bamboo cabinets are all the rage in 1964!


Barbie and Friends, 1962 

Sears catalog

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I would play with these right now if I could! How much fun to switch the wigs around and stuff. SOOOOOO cool. As a girl I didn’t get into the doll scene so I never played with barbie…except one, wait a minute, two: Growing up skipper whose breasts grew out and she grew taller all with the crank of her arm and Malibu Barbie with her real live tan…! I just HAD to have those.

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Nickelodeon - Out of Control

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oh 1993 how i miss you


I love this show!


I forgot how much I love Frasier.


Elvis rehearsing for his 1968 Comeback special on June 27th, 1968.